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10 Sessions  £277


10 Sessions  £550

Meet Ben

Certified Personal Trainer

Hey, I’m Ben and I would be thrilled to be your partner on your fitness adventure. With 10 years of experience,  I've become a dynamic, passionate and adaptable personal trainer, bringing boundless energy and a perpetual smile to each session. Having worked with a diverse client base, I've honed my skills to enable me to cater to a wide range of clients, each with their own unique objectives and abilities.

Ben Smith Cambridge Fitness Academy

Brooke, 36

“Ben got me back into the gym after an accident, I was anxious about my injury, but now I love getting in the gym, with or without Ben. He is personable, supportive, a great laugh, and works with me to develop plans around my disability "

Dan, 46 

"Ben has created a plan that pushes me to my own personal limits, as he knows the tone and definition I am looking for as I rebuild my physique. I have tailor-made plans that we adapt as we go, and he leaves me with a clear plan of what to do in the gym when he is not there to push me through a session."

Julia, 62

"I have sessions with my friend and Ben immediately put us at ease, listened to what we said about our goals and limitations, and tailors our sessions so that we both get what we need. He makes the sessions fun and inspires us to believe in ourselves. He adapts as we go along, changing things up or down as required."
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